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Patience, Winning and Celebrating

For those of you that have been Muskie fishing, you will know what I’m talking about.   The Muskie is the elusive fish of the North; they are known as the fish of 10,000 casts.

The day starts so well.  You get out on the boat, and you pick your favorite lure.  My lure is usually something bright yellow and orange with sparkling spinners.  Then you cast, and cast and cast… Oh wait, one is following the lure, then it swims away.  Then you cast again with the hopes you will get a bite.  When you do get that bite, you set the hook and get ready for a fun fight.  When the fish hits the boat, a celebration and a photo to post everywhere are required.  What a Win!  It makes for a long day and a load of patience.

That same patience is needed at work on some weeks.  When you get into a rut, focus on your win (your Muskie) for the week to get you through.  Some weeks that win can be:

  • Helping a coworker or employee get their next role.
  • Completing that looming project.
  • Watching your team come together to solve a problem.
  • Winning a big contract.

I encourage you to have the patience to continue to keep casting, then at the end of the week, connect with others to celebrate your win.  The celebration doesn’t need to be significant.  A chat with your coworkers about the win can be just enough to keep you motivated for the following week.

Consider these thoughts.  If you are inclined, please send your experiences and ideas.  An interactive audience enables learning for us all.  Remember it’s always better to Bring People Together than apart.

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