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Will our Morning Coffee bring us together?

The morning grind is something that most of us feel.  We brew our ground coffee or go to a coffee shop, and we head into work.   Who is drinking the coffee these days?  “Bloomberg’s report cited research that says millennials consume 44 percent of coffee in the United States.” (1)  Today’s coffee trend may be offering an opportunity for us to come together.

Recently there have been so many articles about millennials, and most reports are pointing out the differences between the millennials and the remainder of the population.  Maybe we should consider what we may have in common.  Since millennials are leading the coffee drinking population, offering a cup and a chat may be the opportunity to connect.  In fact, “one-third of millennials said coffee was a tool that helps them to work better with their older peers.” (2)  Maybe we are behind the times in the United States. While I was working in Spain, I found it very typical to go to the coffee machine and chat. The time was often expected in that culture.

Common threads can bring us together and coffee may be the start to a new to connection.  These quick moments can help to bridge the perceived gap between generations.

So, will our morning coffee bring us together?  It could.  Consider having coffee with someone outside your generation.  If you are inclined, please send your experiences and thoughts.  An interactive audience enables learning for us all.




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