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Freedom to Be You

"I want freedom for the full expression of my personality."  ~Mahatma Gandhi To gain maximum fulfillment of your skills, you must have the freedom to do so.  Freedom may look different for everyone, but freedom is sought by all.  At least that is the what Brendon Burchard suggests in The Motivation Manifesto.  While reading Burchard's… Continue reading Freedom to Be You

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Networks – Why and how?

First, why do we create networks? Most of us are creating networks for a purpose whether we admit it or not. We create them directly and indirectly. We create them for all sorts of purposes such as social, emotional, and professional purposes. They are created to entertain us and support us in all sorts of… Continue reading Networks – Why and how?

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Strategic Thinking Tidbits

Are you a strategic thinker?  The capability of thinking in a strategic way is not natural for everyone.  No matter your skills consider these tidbits. There are many frameworks for creating a strategy. Following these frameworks will not guarantee the strategy is sound. Consider using some other techniques to think differently while still using the… Continue reading Strategic Thinking Tidbits

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Adapt ~ Build ~ Care ~ Disrupt

Quite often, when people speak about teaming, they talk about Tuckman’s stages of Group Development of Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. As stated in most of these discussions, teams can cycle back through these stages. So, what is a leader to do when approaching a new team? Advice is plentiful in this area, but I believe it… Continue reading Adapt ~ Build ~ Care ~ Disrupt