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Does the New Normal mean a Return to the Good ol’ Days?

Those of us over a certain age, let’s just say 40ish, remember what life was like as kids.  Now it does depend on your location. But my memories seem simple compared to how my kids live today. Well, this was true until now. I’m seeing ways and trends become daily activities, and funny enough I thought it was just clothing trends that repeat. I wonder if the good ol’ days have become the new normal.

I am seeing families and kids do some of the things that we did when we were young.

They are spending hours outside because they ran out of things to do inside and their parents are tired of hearing “I’m bored.”

They are getting back to writing letters. I never thought that in the electronic age Pen Pals (actually on paper) would come back.

Doing physical puzzles has been popular at my house.

Oh and families are doing much more cooking. I was even asked if I had put on my “Covid 10” (pounds that is.)

Others are taking drives just to get out of the house but with no destination intended. I remember loading up in a light blue Granda with vinyl seats and taking a drive on a Sunday evening.

It’s nice to see the “good ol’ days” return. While the pandemic is awful and driving some heavy economic uncertainty, we need to find these small silver linings and hold onto them. Maybe these are the times that will be remembered.


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