Learning is Thriving

My blog allows for sharing, considering, and collaborating on the topic of developing your talent and the talent of others. My passion for learning has led me to believe that knowledge changes you and draws you to want to learn more.

What can you do to provide simple thoughts that can assist in your learning and development?

  • Listen to a book or read a book – You could even start a book club. 
  • Subscribe to a daily podcast or newsletter
  • Subscribe to a daily quote – Even these daily quotes can trigger thoughts or discussions with others.
  • Watch a documentary
  • Take a class
  • Join an Employee Resource Group or Community Group – These groups can expand your thinking and learning.

I hope that you find a supplementary media for learning and that this learning can be used to enhance your career and life. When faced with difficult situations, I am often told: “You will survive.” My initial reaction is, ” I want more than survival. I want to thrive.” My wish for you is that learning will help you continue to thrive!

Consider a topic outside your current echo chamber or knowledge set and enjoy the learning.



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