Too Busy?
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Are we really that busy?

Are we that busy?  Have we lost control of our lives?  Is the busyness numbing us?

I wake up and look at my calendar for the day, and I’m sure many others do the same.  There are days that I skip lunch because it is just easier than trying to find the time.  At the end of these days, I feel as though I have not made any progress, but I was busy!  Clearly, these busy days don’t meet the needs of my well being because they leave me without accomplishment.  I didn’t take time to improve, to be creative or to face all those other areas in my life that I may avoid.  It’s time to make a change so how can you make the transition with me.


Time to Improve

Even processes left alone will atrophy. (1)  If we are too busy for self-improvement, then our capabilities and skills will atrophy also.  Let’s find time for self-improvement.  If necessary, block time on your calendar now.  Plan a class.  Read a book.  Benchmark a co-worker.


Time for creativity

Why does everyone keep saying “do more with less?”  “Being overly busy distresses our ability to be creative including a critical success factor; mind wandering.  Good thinking needs creativity.”  (2)  For our brains to generate creative ideas and strategies, we need to allow time to clear our mind.  Plan time alone with a paper, a computer or whiteboard.  Use this time to work on a problem or strategy you have meant to solve.  Draw, write words, or even speak out loud but let your mind wander and create.  You will be amazed at the ideas that can generate.


Face those areas we avoid 

Has your “To Do List” taken over?  Should you be feeding your well being, your spirit?  The busyness may have filled an area you want to avoid or numb.  Brené Brown invites us to ask the following questions: “Are my choices comforting and nourishing my spirit, or are they temporary reprieves from vulnerability and difficult emotions ultimately diminishing my spirit? Are my choices leading my Wholeheartedness, or do they leave me feeling empty and searching? ” (3)  She concludes:  “I believe that owning our worthiness is the act of acknowledging that we are sacred.  Perhaps embracing vulnerability and overcoming numbing is ultimately about the care and feeding of our spirits.” (3)  For everyone feeding their spirit and worthiness means something different but consider stepping back to find your spirit.

Consider the above thoughts on being busy.  Don’t let your business keep you from improving, being creative or losing your spirit.





(3) Brown, Brené (2012).  Daring greatly: how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead. by Brené Brown.  New York: Gotham Books. Page 147, 151.


1 thought on “Are we really that busy?”

  1. Nice reminder, Jen. To your point of getting away from busyness, one of the things I have started to incorporate is designing your ideal work week. It is exactly how it sounds – – design the week as you would want it to be, where you want to spend your time, the activities, people, etc. and the work towards making it a reality.


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