worklife balance

Relax and Enjoy

For those of you that find it difficult to disconnect, here are a few ideas that may help nudge you.

I’m a person that likes to stay connected to work. You know that person that always responds by email or phone at many hours of the day. I recently took a vacation that triggered a thought for me. How can I nudge myself to want to drop this work-connected habit? I came up with a few ideas that those like me may consider.

Explore and travel to a location where the culture and language are new to you. The time you spend engaging in the newness, the language, and life is enough of a distraction to break the work connected habit.

For those of you more outdoors types consider taking a vacation where connecting isn’t an option. Take a fishing trip to Canada. The connectivity is weak to non-existent.

Lastly, you might try to aim for the water… swim, snorkel, or scuba. Head to a location that is electronics sensitive so the urge cannot be achieved.

Whether it is forcing yourself to break the habit by limiting electronics via connectivity or becoming highly engaged vacationer, finding a way to break the work-connected habit over vacation can allow for a healthier you.

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